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Yoga at the Prop Returns

Join us for a free, community yoga class led by instructor Abby Thompson. This class will take place in the 3rd floor ballroom of the historic Indianapolis Propylaeum. There will be mats available at the event, but attendees are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

This is a free, donations based community event. Please register here.

About the instructor: Abby’s yoga practice began in 2014 when she found the physical practice something that allowed her to reconnect with her body; helping her lose the attachment to an outcome and just enjoying the process of movement. Over the years of practicing yoga she has learned various styles as well as functional movement that has created a unique style of vinyasa yoga. Her goal as an instructor is to provide a safe space for individuals to step into their body and out of their mind. She hopes to allow for a clearer connection to self and to help others enjoy the process of their journey.

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