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Women’s Literary Tea a Huge Success

On March 6, the Propylaeum hosted the virtual Women’s Literary Tea via Zoom. Over 100 members and guests signed up to attend this free event that featured Dr. Wendy Gamber, Chair of the IU Department of History, discussing her book “The Notorious Mrs. Clem, Murder and Money in the Gilded Age.” Her book is about an Indianapolis housewife suspected of having a role in two gruesome murders in 1868. Based on extensive research including newspapers, trial documents and local histories, this talk was enlightening about many customs and practices during that time period that appealed to both true crime readers and historians.

This virtual program featured a 30-minute talk with the author followed by a question-and-answer session. Several members and guests, in the spirit of the tea, wore beautiful hats and drank beverages from teacups.

Complimenting the Women’s Literary Tea was a virtual auction that began on the Monday before the tea and closed after the tea on Saturday, March 6. The auction was open to anyone who wanted to register and contained select items assembled that pertained to women, tea, and literature.

Cheryl Eyed served as the Chairperson of the 2021 Women’s Literary Tea. Under her direction, Monica Vojnovich and Diane Tolliver led the efforts for the auction and a total of $2,225.00 was raised for the Propylaeum. Event and Marketing Director

LaurieAnne Perez was instrumental to the success of this event before, during and after it closed. The virtual Women’s Literary Tea and presentation by Dr. Gamber will be available for viewing on the Propylaeum’s YouTube channel. You can subscribe to the Indianapolis Propylaeum YouTube channel by searching “The Indianapolis Propylaeum” on and clicking the Subscribe button.

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