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Women Behind the Scenes at the Prop

Thousands of women have made their mark on the Propylaeum, but the many women who worked behind the scenes to support and aid the operations of the organization throughout the years have not been recognized. Along with their roles as wives, mothers, and widows, these women worked as curator, club manager, secretary, business manager, office worker, cook, tea room manager, waitress and maid at the Prop. The long-term service of these women maintained the property and allowed the organization to run smoothly.

Inez Ball 1940s

Katharine Barnett 1911-1918

Eva Bryant 1971-1979

Loutisha Curry 1971-1979

Charlotte Dunn 1925-1945

Robina Ebert 1925-1950

Charlotte Fletcher 1964-1971

Mabel Flotz 1959-1973

Edith Goodyear 1965-1971

Charlotte Hilliard 1956-1963

Esther Johnson 1959-1967

Opal Larsh 1953-1959

Esther Merrell 1964-1979

Naomi Moore 1955-1963

Ethel Mueller 1968-1978

Bridgit Murray Oates 1953-1959

Mattie Odom 1953-1969

Rula Ray 1974-1991

Bessie Shirley 1930-1950

Estella Spann 1945-1951

Jeanetta Stacy 1961-1966

Helen Walker 1948-1958

Elizabeth Woodruff 1972-1984

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