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The Propylaeum 2021

2021 was another year of uncertainty and challenges. The Propylaeum is slowly bringing back in-person programs with Prop Day Afternoon Socials, the Holiday Open House, the Holiday Tea, and the Women’s Enrichment Series. Moving forward an online option for many of our programs will be available as we continue to grow new audiences .

Through a tremendous amount of hard work by staff, board, and committees, Propylaeum

programs including Salon, Pages at the Prop, WES, May Wright Sewall Award, and Historic

Neighborhoods of Indianapolis have attracted individuals from across not just central Indiana, but the nation.

With a diverse range of speakers and programs, and nearly 1,000 new program attendees, Propylaeum membership is growing and the number of individuals donating to the Propylaeum is increasing as well.

Everyday, more people in Indianapolis are discovering the Propylaeum. Women across central Indiana are finding out what you already know, the Propylaeum is the place in Indianapolis for women to meet, share experiences, and attend top-notch programs focusing on women’s leadership, arts and culture and historic preservation.

Your continued support of the Propylaeum has not only made it possible for the Propylaeum to survive the last two years, it is the foundation on which we continue to grow.

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