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Salon Fund-a-Need Dollars Put to Work

The Carriage House Masonry Restoration project is now complete, thanks to the generous donors to the 2019 Salon Society Fund-an-Item campaign. The funds provided the match needed for the Propylaeum to be awarded a grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service’s Historic Preservation Fund administered by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology, expanding the project budget to $100,000.

The project resulted in protection of the integrity of our historic carriage house. Key areas were tuckpointed, preventing further damage from water infiltration that had caused the plaster on the interior to crumble and fail. Graffiti was removed and the areas of work were cleaned of years of grime.

The carriage house is an important part of the Propylaeum property and the Old Northside Historic district. The building illustrates several eras of history, beginning with the servants employed by the families who owned the property from 1891-1920, and of the women and artists who lived and worked in the structure from 1926 to the present. The carriage house is the only original, two-story, brick-clad structure of its type in the Old Northside. The Carriage House Masonry Restoration project will preserve the structure for years to come. Thank you for supporting this project!

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