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Rediscovering the Neighborhoods of Saturday

If you drive south on Meridian Street from downtown, once you cross McCarty Street, you will encounter an odd mix of empty lots and mismatched structures. You will drive under the I-70 overpass, which cuts an angry swath across an area that had once been made up of a dense conglomeration of houses and small businesses. Who lived in those houses and what kinds of businesses and institutions once occupied these now-empty lots? In this talk, Dr. Susan B. Hyatt will share some of the little-known stories of the former Jewish and African-American neighbors, who created and shared a vibrant community on the near southside. We will also look at images of the buildings, most of which are long gone, that once shaped both the social life and the material landscape of this Indianapolis neighborhood.

Join us on July 28, at 7 p.m. Register at www.thepropylaeum/programs.

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