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Prop Days are Back in 2023!

Members have been asking for the return of Prop Days and we are excited to bring them back! In 2023, Prop Days will be open house days, where all members and friends are invited to come to the mansion and enjoy the space however they would like from 9am-3pm. Bring your friends and enjoy a cup of coffee in our beautiful building.

On Prop Days, we will also have our monthly membership event, which could be a Prospective Member (which we have in January) Breakfast, a New Member Mixer, or a full membership lunch with a speaker. The focus of these monthly membership events to make sure everyone feels involved and appreciated.

All members are invited to the Prospective and New Member mixers. Bring friends and family to the Prospective member mixer so they can see how amazing the Propylaeum is and how they can join. At the New Member mixers, we will be focusing on how members, new and old, can get more involved in event planning, committees, or join special interest groups like Book Club.

Quarterly we will have a full membership lunch with an educational speaker.

*Starting in February, we will have an optional Tea Room lunch for members during Prop Days.

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