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Pages at the Prop to Feature International Author

Maliha Abidi is an incredible young woman of influence, who uses her influence in the best way possible. At 23, Abidi has already accomplished a lot, and she is nowhere near done. Certified on Tik Tok and Instagram with nearly 90,000 followers on the former and over 60,000 followers on the latter, author, artist, neuroscience student, and activist for mental health, Abidi is using her influence to change the world.

On June 16, 2021 the Pakistani-American will present a program (via Zoom) about her book Pakistan for Women: Stories of Women Who have Achieved Something Extraordinary and her art project 100 Iconic Women.

Abidi’s debut book combines her passion for both art and writing. The book brings together stories of 50 women from Pakistan alongside their illustrations. The book was launched in 2019 and is the first book of its kind to be published in Pakistan as it highlights stories of real Pakistani women, from astrophysicists to firefighters to mountaineers and more.

Abidi was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, and migrated to California at the age of 14. As an immigrant, her experiences play a huge role in her work. Abidi focuses on women’s rights including education for girls, banning child marriage, domestic violence, mental health, and anti-racism. Abidi is the founder of The Story of Mental Health, an organization dedicated to providing resources on intersectional mental health awareness and creating a safe space for women to not only seek help, but to also work on the mental health creatively in countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Abidi has been featured on Good Morning America, BBC Stories, Glamour magazine, and the Malala Fund.

We are excited to have Ms. Abidi as part of our Pages at the Prop program that features female authors. This is a free event. You can register at

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