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Jamia Jacobsen Wins Award

Congratulations to Jamia Jacobsen, a member of the Propylaeum for over 30 years, for your accomplishments and your place in Women’s History!

On March 5, 2022, the Caroline Scott Harrison Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution ( NSDAR) honored Dr. Jamia Jasper Jacobsen with its 2022 Women in American History Award. This award is presented by DAR chapters across the country in recognition of women who have made a contribution or difference in their communities. Dr. Jacobsen, a 52-year member of DAR, is a community leader, educator and mental health services professional, a licensed mental health manager and psychologist and a clinical social work therapist. She has been recognized for her contributions in addiction and domestic abuse counseling and the training and mentoring of mental health professionals for the next generation.

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