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Indianapolis Propylaeum welcomes new Executive Director, Ali Brown!

Ali Brown started her first day as the new Executive Director of the Indianapolis Propylaeum on Monday, August 8, 2022. Ali comes to the Propylaeum with a background serving as the Executive Director for ReBuilding Together, the Indiana Construction Roundtable Foundation, and the Indiana Transportation Association. Ali also serves as an Indianapolis City-Councillor.

The Indianapolis Propylaeum is excited to embark on a new chapter with Ali Brown leading the way. Read our interview below to learn about what drew Ali to the Propylaeum, her goals for the organization as Executive Director, and who she is outside of work.

What drew you to the Indianapolis Propylaeum?

"From the moment I moved to Indianapolis and learned of the building and its history, I fell in love with it and everything the women who have graced these halls have stood for. The legendary women who founded this place have given me, and all women, so much through access and opportunities that were denied to them. I get overwhelmed just thinking about it. The fact that I get to be a caretaker to that legacy and get to carry their mission forward is a dream. Working here, with our members, engaging and bringing in more people that believe in our mission, is a dream. This is my dream job."

What are you most looking forward to focusing on in your role as Executive Director of the Indianapolis Propylaeum?

"I am excited to be part of the second century of women to walk these halls, and as a part of that, to be its caretaker. I am looking forward to launching a Century Club to build the foundation for our 100 years at 1410 N. Delaware St. I am also proud to be carrying on the legacy of fostering women's leadership, celebrating arts and culture, and bringing in more people from all walks of life through our doors. I believe we can grow our impact on Indianapolis and all of Indiana by increasing our community outreach and investing in our philanthropic programs."

What are your hobbies outside of work?

"My favorite thing to do outside of work is hang out with my son, Dylan. My husband, Zach, and I like to take our son on trips to the Children's Museum, the Indy Zoo, and any place that has trains, which is our son's special interest. When I get down time, you can often find me working on Lego projects or doing something else hands-on, like gardening. I enjoy staying busy."

Is there anything else you would like share as you embark on your new role as the Executive Director of the Indianapolis Propylaeum?

"I could not be more thrilled to be the Executive Director for such an amazing organization. I hope to make every member fell like we are living up to the ideals and mission of our founders."

Help us in welcoming our new Executive Director, Ali Brown. She can be reached at or 317-638-7881 ext. 5.

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