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Hoosier History Live

Indianapolis Propylaeum sponsors Hoosier History Live Multimedia Project

The Propylaeum is a proud sponsor of an unusual multimedia project focusing on Indiana’s history, Hoosier History Live. The project was created by a Hoosier woman, independent producer and veteran journalist Molly Head, and features podcasts, social media, a weekly e-newsletter, a website, and a live call-in talk radio show hosted by author and longtime Indianapolis Star reporter, Nelson Price.

“We’ve faced innumerable problems over the years, but I think misperception is our biggest problem” says executive producer Molly Head. “Because history organizations and public radio stations are all experiencing money problems, and because we do ask for money in order to sustain ourselves, we are seen as ‘cutting in’ on the turf of others. It’s been very uncomfortable.”

The radio program airs Saturday noon-1pm on WICR 88.7fm, the call in number is 317-788-3314. The show may also be streamed live on any listening device at WIRConline, and one can sign up for the e-newsletter at

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