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Honoring Significant Women

Prop Members and Friends,

Close your eyes and picture her. If you’re like me, you’re already feeling safe and secure. Maybe you can almost smell the special treats she made for you, the stories she read to you, the day she taught you how to tie your shoes, or the special places you visited together. Is she your Nana, Mamaw or Grammie, or perhaps your Bubbe, Baba or Abuela, or even your Glamma or GiGi? What’s in a name? If she’s your grandmother, everything!

Each year, as part of the Propylaeum’s Marilyn K. Glick Women’s Enrichment Series (WES), we offer you the opportunity to honor the significant women in your life. WES starts off with a special focus on the grand-, great- and the great-greats, when A’Lelia Bundles whose great-great-grandmother was famed entrepreneur Madam C.J. Walker is joined by musical guest Teresa Reynolds, whose great-great-grandmother was Madam Walker’s personal assistant, Violet Davis Reynolds. This year’s WES programs will feature A’Lelia Bundles and Judith Thomas in a conversation about the Reclaim Indiana initiative (October 14, 2021), Sunny Lu Williams discussing her experience as a tech entrepreneur (February 17, 2022) and Ashley C. Ford, author of the highly acclaimed novel, Somebody’s Daughter (April 2022).

For each $100 donation, you will be able to list one name and one picture in the virtual WES program (a pdf version will be available for download). And although we love our grandmothers, we don’t want to forget the mothers and daughters, aunts and nieces, mentors and students, friends and soulmates who play such an important role in your life. Please print form, and if you would like to include a picture of your honoree, contact LaurieAnne Perez

We look forward to helping you celebrate your significant women and recognize their lasting impact on your life.

All the best,


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