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Historic Neighborhoods of Indianapolis St. Joseph: A Transitional Neighborhood in the Urban Core

A vibrant, urban mix of business and residential, St Joseph Historic Neighborhood is a transitional neighborhood directly north of the Mile Square, between the commercial core and the residential neighborhoods to the north. With 23 properties listed individually on the National Register of Historic Places, including a rare concentration of historic rowhouses anywhere in the city — think brownstones in NY and Boston — St Joe is truly an urban neighborhood with its’ eclectic vibe.

You’ll find one of the oldest, original 1927 White Castle buildings here. Many prominent Indianapolis families called St Joe home, such as the Fletchers, the Vonneguts and Daniel Marmon, whose Marmon Wasp won the inaugural Indy 500 race in 1911. See the historic Indiana Landmarks’ Kemper House, affectionately known as the “ Wedding Cake house,” and a seemingly innocent vacant lot that was home to the infamous Jim Jones, who started his Peoples Temple ministry, before Guyana, right here in Indianapolis.

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