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Historic Neighborhoods of Indianapolis - Freaks and strange things generally … Irvington

Hop on a streetcar and find your way out to the east edge of town, far away from crowds, noise and dirt of the city. Our destination is the end of the line and the year 1915, leading to Irvington, one of Indy's historic suburbs. Learn a foreign language, buy a soda, look over an artist's shoulder along Pleasant Run, sit in the stands during a football game, pick up a library book, or watch one of the city's newest bungalows under construction. It was all happening here in 1915. But your Irvington State of Mind 1915 Trolley token expires after midnight. And you don’t want to be wandering around here alone after dark. Strange things happen to one's mind out here in the night, especially near Halloween. Best you get back to the future, but come back anytime you like.

Join us on Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. Presented by Paul Diebold. Register at

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