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“Have We Come A Long Way, Baby?” Prop Day Lunch & Learn Featuring Dr. Laura Merrifield Wilson

Join the Indianapolis Propylaeum and Women 4 Change Indiana on Wednesday March 17 as we hear Dr. Laura Merrifield Wilson, Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of

Indianapolis present “Have We Come a Long Way, Baby? Examining the Role of Women in Politics Since Suffrage.” Wilson’s half hour talk will conclude with an opportunity for questions from the audience.

Women comprise a majority of the population, yet remain underrepresented within American government. They represent a minority in offices at federal and state levels. Indiana trails most national numbers and remains one of only 5 states in the country to never have a female governor or senator. This critical lack of representation certainly does not reflect a void of talent but it does press the larger question of “why?” Addressing this problem by explaining key research findings, exploring larger trends, and analyzing influential factors will enable us to work toward encouraging and electing more women in politics.

Wilson’s talk bridges historical narratives with current statistics in exploring and understanding why there are not more women in Indiana politics and how we can address this critical underrepresentation. This is an important message because it builds on the foundational concepts pursued by the suffrage movement in terms of gender equality, taking them a step further in examining the role of women and their lack of parity in public office.

To register visit www.thepropylaeum/upcoming events.

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