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COVID-19 Vaccine

Prop Members and Friends, I managed to get a same-day vaccine appointment on Monday when they opened up the 65-69 age group. I wanted to pass along my experience as well as that of some of my friends, because it might help others choose a site with early appointment availability. The first step is logging on the state covid-19 vaccination website . Once you’re connected you input name, address etc., and you are given a choice of vaccination sites, based on proximity to your address. Luckily, in my case, I’m closest to the Indiana University Neuroscience Center on 15th Street. Once you confirm your site choice, you are shown all available appointment dates and times; you click on your choice and if it’s taken already, you choose again until you match, which in my case was on the second try. Then you get a link to complete online registration with your details, insurance, etc. You receive confirmation texts and emails. When I arrived at IU, the process was incredibly quick and efficient. At my location, parking was free and there were directional signs in the parking garage. Proceed to check-in, where you answer a couple of health questions, sanitize your hands and are given a mask (if you’re already wearing one, you can just put it over that). You proceed to a check-in station where you present your id and insurance card and, if you’ve pre-registered online, they confirm your information, and give you a Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card. From there, they send you to the vaccination room, where they hand you a package containing a needle and your vial of vaccine, and direct you to a free vaccination table. You hand the Record Card and your vaccine kit to the nurse, she gives you the vaccine, records the vaccine type and lot number on your Record Card, hands you a sheet of possible side effects and directs you to another room where you schedule your 2nd shot, which is also noted on your Record Card. From there you go to a large conference room where you sit - socially distanced - for 15 minutes and self-monitor for serious reactions. After that, you’re free to go. I registered online shortly after 9:00 a.m., I left my house at 2:05 p.m. and I was home by 3:00 p.m. I know some people are hesitant to come downtown but contrast my situation with several of my friends in Hamilton County, who are over 70. They signed up for appointments when the 70 age group opened on 1/13 and one is getting a vaccination this Friday, and two others on Saturday. Another friend of mine in the 65 age group went online just 5 minutes after I did Monday morning, and her appointment for her 1st shot is February 22, just coincidently the date of my 2nd shot, so a 3-week difference. When I told my daughter I had gotten a same-day appointment downtown, she told some people to choose the IU site and they were able to get appointments this Friday and Saturday. I know I read somewhere that you’re not restricted to your county of residence when choosing a site, but that might need verification. I thought knowing my successful experience might help others as their age groups become eligible. Best, Debra Renkens

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