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Anonymous- New Program Series Seeks to Shine Spotlight on Hoosier Women

As a part of the 100 Year celebration at 1410 N Delaware, the Propylaeum is launching a new series called Anonymous: Untold Hoosier Heroines. This series will focus on telling stories about Indiana women that are often untold because either the women were not able to write their own story, use their real name, or did the work in the background and did not receive the credit a man would receive.

Women need heroines of our own and Indiana is ripe with them. This year we will tell the stories of our first First Lady,

Caroline Scott Harrison, the women activists and leaders who fought to get the Equal Rights Amendment passed in Indiana, the women behind Title IX, the indigenous women who lived here long before Indiana became Indiana, and many others. Our history as women runs as deep as men's, but had been largely ignored until the modern era. It is our job to tell these important stories and carry on the legacy of these amazing women.

Our first program in the series will be held at 5:30pm on January 26th, 2023.

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