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A Letter From Our President, Susan Fasig

As this is my first letter to Propylaeum members, I want to give thanks to my immediate predecessors in the role of President – in particular, Rose Wernicke and Joanne Solomon. Both have been generous with their time and support.

Secondly, I want to note how proud I am to have led the effort to find our new Executive Director and to have Ali Brown on board. She has a unique respect for our history and a dynamic vision for the future. In this effort, our Executive Committee and a group of past board members contributed their time and perspective and brought us to a clear consensus about moving forward with Ali. If you haven’t yet, I hope you are able to meet her soon.

And lastly, I am asking all our members – newer, older, recently active or less so - to get involved! We have so much to celebrate and so much more to do. In short, we need you!


We are embarking on a CELEBRATION YEAR to commemorate our 100th Anniversary of

residing at 14th and Delaware. We would love for ALL to join our kick-off Ribbon Tying Ceremony on November 9th and our Salon Society event on November 12th. The unique ribbon tying event seeks to engage members, partners, contributors, and friends of the Prop to recognize and celebrate the many, many connections that started with our founder and that continue today. Whether you are open to handing out name tags and ribbons, just attending and bringing a fellow member or friend, or joining the committee to plan events for the rest of the year, please reach out to Ali, Julia, me, or to

committee co-chairs, Rose Wernicke and Kara Kavensky.


We also need you, as members, to help us re-activate the membership committee. The Board has dedicated a full day in September to focus largely on how we engage and serve our members. One of the unique, and I think most lovely, attributes of the Prop is our multi-generational membership. We want to ensure we are both valuing our roots and growing to ensure we can carry the torch of May Wright Sewell forward. Again, whether you’re open to serving on the committee, helping with specific tasks like engaging new members, or participating in member events, please get in touch with Ali, me, or our new Membership Committee Chair, Angela Stephens Tarter. She is also looking for a co-chair.

So much potential and so much to do, but many hands make light work – and more fun!

I look forward to this year of celebration with all of you!


Susan Mahan Fasig

President, Propylaeum Board of Directors

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