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Investing with Friends

Did you know you could own a 3D printer for personal use for as little as $75?

Did you know that Disney paid $75M for the film version of “Hamilton” that should be available July 3? A big winner for Disney+ streaming?

Did you know that Asia (and China in particular) is the driving force behind robotics and automation?

Unsure of which robotics company to invest in? Select a robotics ETF, or exchange-traded fund. The robotics ETF will tend to own most, if not all, of the robotic automation stocks. It is a good way to gain exposure to the sector for investors looking to avoid the process of choosing from the best stocks individually.

These and many other topics are discussed as we each research one or two assigned stocks in our portfolio, such as Disney (DIS), Medtronic (MDT), Alteryx (AYX) or Costco (COST). We currently hold securities in eight publicly traded companies. We also come upon relevant information as we research investment opportunities in sectors such as robotics, 3D printers and video conferencing companies.

We learn as we watch the stock market, new inventions, shifting trends, and we become more enlightened. Please join us as a guest and see if this activity might appeal to you. Partners contribute $200 twice a year and have fun, get wiser and enjoy friendships. You must be a member of the Propylaeum to join the Investment Club.

We normally meet on the third Monday of each month. March and April were exciting as we met via Zoom Video Conferencing. We plan to do this again for our next meeting on Monday, July 20, at 10 AM. Meetings usually last one to two hours. Contact Diane Tolliver at or

another “partner” of the Investment Club if you would like to join us.

Other partners are Karen Pfeiffer, Marti Shuck, Cheryl Eyed, Kandy Kinker, Shirley Roberts, Rose Wernicke and Debra Renkens.

Diane K. Tolliver

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