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March Prop Day

Enjoy Prop Day Lunch and program featuring Tamara Castleman discussing the exciting and tragically short life of 1930s movie star Carole Lombard. At the time of her death at age 33, Lombard was the highest paid actress in Hollywood. She was married to the wildly famous Clark Gable, and was known for her energy and performances in off-beat roles.

Whether she’s writing, teaching adult formation at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, tutoring children, or speaking in front of a group, Tamara Castleman loves to share stories. Tamara holds a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Telecommunications and Religious Studies from Indiana University/Bloomington and a Masters in Education from Endicott College. Tamara has spent most of her career writing, editing, and raising children. In her free time she loves long lunches with friends, watching movies, reading good books, and playing with her three dogs, but by far her greatest joys and biggest blessings are her husband and two daughters.

Join us for lunch at noon, followed by the program. Tickets at or or 317-638-7881 x4.

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