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2020 Online Program Success

While 2020 was not the year we expected, it did allow us to further our digital presence with online programs. The Propylaeum held seventeen virtual programs between June and November, including seven brand new program offerings, including Swing States: An Evening of Jazz and Voting Rights. Our online format has increased not only the types of programs and speakers we can have, but program registration and attendance is significantly higher. Over 1,200 people have registered for our programs in the past six months, and we have had 200% increase in non-member program participation. With our new online membership option, some of these non-member online program attendees have become new online members. The program recordings have allowed us to further that reach, with an additional 2,250+ views on our YouTube channel. We look forward to having live events at the Propylaeum again soon, as well as continue to welcome the broader audiences that the digital platform has allowed us to reach.

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