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Architecture Lectures

Architecture Historian and Prop Board member Jim Glass will present two lectures this fall. On October 3 at 6:00 he presents Bohlen and Son: Influential Architecture in Indiana at Indiana Landmarks. Reservations are available through the Indiana Landmarks website. On November 7, Glass will present an illustrated lecture on the architecture of London at the Riviera Club at 7:00.

Based on a 16-day visit to London this summer, hosted by friend Dr. Tom Greist and shared with long-time fellow travelers Carolyn and Gene Lausch, the lecture will feature many facets of the seemingly inexhaustible architectural heritage of one of the world’s great cities. We will begin with the architecture of the Norman French in the 11th and 12th centuries, then look at the influential Gothic design of Westminster Abbey. We will next visit the red brick palaces of the Tudor dynasty in the 16th century and then Jacobean architecture of the reign of James I. We will examine the Italian Renaissance architecture introduced by Inigo Jones in the early 17th century and the majestic Renaissance and Baroque designs of Sir Christopher Wren. In the 18th century, we will look at the London churches of Nicholas Hawksmoor and James Gibbs, the designs of the English Palladians, the Georgian residential terraces of the West End, the Chinese Pagoda of Sir William Chambers, and the elegant, exquisite interiors of Robert Adam. We will then turn to the monumental terraces and palaces of John Nash in the early 19th century, the Italian Renaissance Revival buildings of Sir Charles Barry, and the exuberant, polychromatic churches of the High Victorian Gothic movement. Closing out the 19th century, we will turn to the prolific residences and public buildings of Queen Anne architect Richard Norman Shaw, the simple white houses of Charles F.A. Voysey, and the Art Nouveau work of C. Harrison Townsend. In the 20th century we will visit the Hampstead Garden Suburb and see the monumental work in brick of Sir Edwin Lutyens and then take a brief look at the glass and steel landmarks of the 21st century. We will close with a few illustrations of the influence of English architecture on that of Indianapolis.

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