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Women's Suffrage Books

Need to refresh your knowledge of the Women’s Suffrage Movement? The Indianapolis Public Library holds several titles for all reading levels.

If you are looking for a book that is not too taxing, or to share with

children try Bold & Brave: Ten Heroes Who Won Women the Right to Vote by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. The book highlights ten leaders of the American suffrage movement and features illustrations by artist Maira Kalman.

Ann Bausum’s book With Courage and Cloth: Winning the Fight for a Woman's Right to Vote uses period photographs to illustrate the suffrage story. Although in the

children’s section, the book is 111


For more narrative, Votes for Women!: American Suffragists and the Battle for the Ballot by Winifred Conkling is located in the Teen nonfiction section and runs for 312

pages. At times illuminating, harrowing, and empowering, Votes for Women! paints a vibrant picture of the women whose tireless battle still inspires political, human rights, and social justice activism.

The Woman's Hour: The Great Fight to Win the Vote by Elaine Weiss (404 pages) follows a handful of remarkable women who led their respective forces into battle, along with appearances by Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, Frederick Douglass, and Eleanor Roosevelt. The Woman's Hour is an inspiring story of activists winning their own freedom in one of the last campaigns forged in the shadow of the Civil War, and the beginning of the great twentieth-century battles for civil rights.

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