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The Carriage House Story

Although set back at the southwest corner of the property, the Carriage House has served multiple purposes since its construction in 1890. The main portion of the building originally held the carriages, horses, and living space for grooms and male employees of the families who lived in the house. The portion at the north of the building held the boiler for heating the buildings and the laundry facilities. After the Propylaeum purchased the property, the Carriage House was remodeled for different needs. The boiler and laundry facilities were transformed into a town house for Ruth Pratt Bobbs, artist and Prop member, who lived there for over 35 years. The main portion of the Carriage House briefly held the first Children’s Museum and served as the studio for artist Elmer Tafflinger. The side facing 14th Street was configured into two storefronts, at one time holding the Junior League Shop, and a walk-up apartment. Today, the main portion of the Carriage House is used for events and programs. The walk-up apartment is the studio of Grabielle Cheikh, photographer. The townhouse is leased to a couple with a love of historic buildings who have refurbished the space. The Carriage House will receive a new chimney and flue pipe soon - some tender loving care for this historic gem on our property.

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