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Strategic Plan - Linking the Past with the Present with an Eye to the Future

The Propylaeum Board adopted the 2019-2021 Strategic Plan at the October meeting. Now the work begins to implement the strategies for meeting the goals outlined in the plan. During the planning process, the board and consultants discussed ways for the Prop to thrive while maintaining our historic authenticity into the future. The following provides a brief description of the goals.

Offer a vibrant mix of educational and cultural programming that focuses on diverse women’s interests. This goal encompasses continuing to produce our high-quality, signature programs (Prop Day, Salon Society, Women’s Enrichment Series, May Wright Sewall Leadership Award, Style Show) and creating partnerships with other organizations to add to the offerings at the Prop.

Invite the community into the historic Propylaeum to work, stay and celebrate. We have a large, beautiful facility; let’s find ways to fill the house!

Reintroduce the Propylaeum to the community and position it as a vibrant place to gather. The Propylaeum is one of the best-kept secrets in Central Indiana. Many do not know who we are or that we are open to the public.

Make strategic capital investments to upgrade the historic facility. Ratio Architects have completed a Preservation Plan for the property, which will serve as a guide to restoring and upgrading the facilities.

Generate the financial resources required to carry out the plan. We are exploring ways to fund the long-needed improvements to the buildings, and have also begun Annual Fund drives to offer friends, members and the community an opportunity financially support our mission.

The Board will hold a retreat in early December to discuss ways to attain the desired results. We look forward to your input. If you have any comments or questions, please contact any member of the board.

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