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Prop Road Show Visits Marquette Manor

Propylaeum staff and board members went to Marquette Manor to meet with Prop members who may not be able to visit the Propylaeum as often as they would like. Prop member and Marquette Manor resident, Sue Hetherington, helped organize the event.

Rose Wernicke, Propylaeum President, presented a slide-show about history of the Propylaeum and the current strategic plan. Executive Director, Liz Ellis discussed changes within the house, Propylaeum events, and new staff member LaurieAnne Wickens.

Board vice president Jim Glass took the opportunity to discuss the Building Preservation Plan and the results of that plan. Board secretary, Diane Tolliver then took time to interview and film all of the Prop members asking why they joined the Prop, and about some of their fondest memories from the Propylaeum.

Next stop on the Prop Road Show will be The Barrington and The Stratford. If you would like to help plan or if you would like to attend, please contact Diane Tolliver at

or by calling 317.258.5605.

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