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Women's Enrichment Series -- Martha Hoover Speaks to a Packed Prop

On Thursday, February 22, Martha Hoover, local restaurateur

and entrepreneur spoke at the Indianapolis Propylaeum as part of the Marilyn K. Glick Women's Enrichment Series. Following a VIP meet and greet reception, Hoover, the second speaker in the 2017-2018 three-part series, spoke about being a female leader in Indiana and about her struggles and successes in starting and growing a booming restaurant business in the Indianapolis Area.

In September, Hoover earned accolades from Fortune magazine and its Time, Inc. sister publication, Food and Wine as one of the 20 most innovative women in food and drink. Restaurant guide Zagat and Travel and Leisure put Hoover's steak tartare at Petit Chou among its collection of 10 need-to-know French dishes and where in America to eat them.New this year to Hoover's good-food empire are Crispy Bird, run by son David Hoover, and swanky Bar One Fourteen, across from each other and two other Hoover-owned restaurants at 49th and Pennsylvania. And add a Public Greens at Keystone at the Crossing. All profits from the Public Greens stores are used to provide 22,000 meals for impoverished children who don't know where they'll get their next meal. Fifteen restaurants in 28 years is high mark for success but Hoover's goals are more than food. They include empowering women, educating employees through training and retreats and outside-the-box financial literacy classes for employees.

Opera singer Angela Brown will speak on April 26, 2018 beginning at 5 p.m. Tickets are available at 317.638.7881 or at

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