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Open Tuesday - Friday
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (ET)

Closed on Mondays--  except for catered events

Handicap Accessible
Reservations are recommended.
Call - 317-638-7881
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English tea every Tuesday , Wednesday and Thursday 

Adults $18.00 - 6 to 12 years $9.00 2-5 years $6.00
Tax and Gratuity not included.

Our elegant English Tea served with three teas and a tower of three different sandwiches, freshly baked scones and an assortment of decadent treats. Relax, Enjoy, Indulge. 
Reservations required  at least 24 hours in advance. Cancellations /changes   at least 24 hours in advance


English Tea menu may be ordered during luncheon hours

11-2 p.m. T-F by reservation only  



Want to have an elegant Wedding? 

  Our main house rents for $1200.00  and our carriage house for $500.00/ entire property  $1500.00-- call for details

   Our house and carriage house are wonderful backdrops to share this day.

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Catering - "where you are a guest at your own party" Call - 317-638-4317
Visit the Signature website at  


 Salmon Fest - 2nd Annual



$50per person (plus tax and gratuity)
If you missed it last year, you must come this year. 8 courses, six of which are different varieties of salmon. All paired with Pacific Northwest Wines. Limited seating.Reserve now for this popular event that starts at 7pm.

It's Time to Learn about the Wonderful Varieties of Salmon!

  • November 7th
Reservations are required!

  Beer Flights


$40per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Oh my, it is time for beer. Everyone loved it last year so we are back at it. Come to the Propylaeum and experience why beers are so popular. 

All sessions offer a four course pairing with beers. We work with the brewers to get the best pairings. So fun…bring a few people to experience great food and brews. Sessions start at 7pm.

We will offer the following session: 

  Dates are coming soon

Reservations are required!


  Dinner and Magic Show

$38per adult (plus tax and gratuity)

$100 Two adults and up to 4 children (12 and under)

Make your evening magical with dinner and a magic show, with fabulous magicians at the Signature (at the Propylaeum). Your meal is a three course dinner. Then a great hour dinner show featuring local magicians. Doors open One hour prior to the scheduled event
**** W A R N I N G ****
Magic shows are not appropriate for children 4 and under.
  • July 18th 6pm - Space Just Opened Up-Call for reservations!!!
  • July 27th 5pm - SOLD OUT
  • Aug. 10th 5pm
  • Sept. 14th 5pm
  • Sept. 21st 5pm
  • Sept. 28th 5pm
  • Oct. 19th 5pm
  • Nov. 16th 5pm
  • Nov. 23rd 5pm
Reservations are required!

  Mystery Dinners


$50per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Dinner conversation is never boring when one enjoys a meal and a "whodunit." Enjoy a five course dinner as all at the table assume new personas and attempt to solve the crime du jour.. Check out our menus and our plot lines. See if there is a little "Sherlock" in you. Tour the house starting at 6pm, dinner at 7:00pm and lasts about 3 hours. Each show takes place at The Indianapolis Propylaeum and features one of the following themes: 
Reservations are required
Due  to sexual innuendoes, the mystery dinners are not appropriate for guests under 18. 
We offer teenage and youth dinners and lunches with a mystery format. 
Winning numbers for the trip to Scotland  are #442055,430862,442079, 266265  Winners will be contacted by the office
Taken Down at The Speakeasy
The leader of a notorious crime family, visiting Indianapolis, had been "hit" on his way to dinner at The Propylaeum. It gets complicated for sure..... 
  • July 11th  SOLD OUT
  • July 18th Space just opened up-- call for reservations!!!!
  • July 25th  SOLD OUT
  • July 26th  SOLD OUT 
Kabobed at The Summer BBQ
Don't look now, must the host of this fabulous summer party is dead......skewered and not well done! 
  • August 1st   Sold out
  • August 8th
  • August 9th  sold out
  • August 15th
Murder at the Fall Camp-out
  • September 5th
  • September 12th
  • September 19th
  • September 26th
  • September 27th
Murder on the Ghost Train 

  • October 3rd
  • October 10th
  • October 17th
  • October 24th

Mama Mia
 The Italian Opera Star is DEAD at the Prop!

  • November 7th
  • November 21st
  • November 28th

Backwards Dinners


1. Choice of Homemade Cake or Pie

2. Chicken Breast ala Propylaeum, Propylaeum Beef Manhattan, or Four Cheese Stuffed Shells with Propylaeum Marinara, Smashed potatoes or Fresh Green Beans

3. Choice of strawberry salad, romaine salad or chicken velvet soup

$35for 2 people (plus tax and gratuity)

$60 for 4 people  |  $80 for 6 people

How do you spell desserts backwards... why "stressed" of course. Have some fun and let your family or friends learn some new etiquette lessons.

This dinner starts with the invitation to wear your clothing backwards, tour our Victorian guessed it backwards.......and enjoy a three course meal and the 30 points of etiquette....backwards. The utensils are in the wrong places, we start with dessert, but everything rights itself with a review and a placemat for everyone to keep at the end. Everyone will remember when all backwards items are "fixed"!

So if you are "distressed" with the manners at home, try this fun event that everyone will soon be talking about. 
Event starts at 4:00 pm. We have added 6:00 pm seating on dates where indicated.

  • July 13th 
    [4pm and 6pm]
  • July 20th 
    4pm  sold out
  • 6pm  sold out
  • July 27th 
    [4pm and 6pm]
  • Aug  3rd
  • ( 4 and 6pm)
  • Aug 10th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Sept 7th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Sept  14th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Sept 21st
  • ( 4 and 6pm)
  • Sept 28th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Oct 5th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Oct 12th
  • (4 and 6pm)
  • Oct 26th
  • (4 and 6pm)
Please make sure to indicate the seating time, 4pm or 6pm.
Reservations are required!

Passport to France


We are accepting the 8 course wine dinner coupon for this event!
$76per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Come and get your "wine" passport to the fabulous wine regions in France. We have imported the best to the States and paired these special vintages with lovely French Cosine. Your eight course dinner and wines start with the aperitif and work to a wonderful dessert creation. Participants will be educated in the wines and the culinary delights while enjoying the atmosphere of our lovely Italian/Franco carriage house. Event starts at 7pm.
  • November 21st
  • December 31st
Reservations are required!

Passport to Italy


We are accepting the 8 course wine dinner coupon for this event!
$76per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Come and get your "wine" passport to Italy. We have imported the best wines to the States and paired these special vintages with lovely Italian Cosine. Your eight course dinner and wines start with the aperitif and work to a wonderful dessert creation. Participants will be educated in the wines and the culinary delights while enjoying the atmosphere of our lovely Italian/Franco carriage house.Event starts at 7pm.
   Call for available dates
Reservations are required!

Passport to Pacific Northwest


We are accepting the 8 course wine dinner coupon for this event!
$76per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Ever since the eruption of Mt. St Helen and the spread of volcanic ash, wineries have sprung up all over the Yakima, Willamette and Walla Walla Valley. Experience these wines with wonderful fare from The Pacific Northwest, by land and sea. Event starts at 7pm.
  • September 5th
  • September 26th

  • October 10th
  • October 24th
Reservations are required!

Passport to Central Coast, California


We are accepting the 8 course wine dinner coupon for this event!
$76per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Experience an eight course wine dinner featuring "Women Vintners of the Vine". All wineries that have women calling the shots so to say.

Very unique. Experience a variety of wonderful wines paired with their favorite foods. Event starts at 7pm.

  • July 25th
  • August 8th
Reservations are required!

Breakfast for Dinner


$25per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Includes a mimosa!
Breakfast is my favorite time of the day. We have crafted a lovely breakfast for dinner menu that will make you want to come back again and again.

Try our exotic drinks and our fabulous 8 course meal. Dine to lovely piano music. Call for reservations as they will go fast. Event starts at 6pm.

  • July 13
  • Aug 3rd
  • Sept 7th
Reservations are required!

Teen Mystery Dinner


$20per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Detective TMD is on the Job... Teen Mystery Dinner. Grab a group of friends and try and solve the Mystery of the Lost Tea Cups. This is a great time for a birthday party or other celebration. You will be treated to a five course dinner and then you will try and solve the mystery. Each teen at the table will have a part and prizes will be awarded. Takes about three hours, but oh, so much fun! Become a detective and follow the clues. 12 -18 years of age. 

Event starts at 5pm.

  • September 7th
  • October 5th
  • November 9th
Reservations are required!

Manners Matter


Soup, Salad, Entree, and Dessert all the while learning the proper use of utensils.
$60for a table of up to 6 (plus tax and gratuity)
Grab your family and learn that Manners Matter!

A family of up to six participants experience a four course dinner learning all the techniques of initial impressions, presentation, chivalrous behavior, conversational topics, utensil usage and so much more.  This is a not to be missed class that is held in The Historic Carriage House at The Indianapolis Propylaeum (original home of the Indianapolis Children's Museum)   So recruit the participants and call for a reservation.  You will not regret that you took this very important step.  Because Manners do Matter!

5:00 - 7:00 pm. Limited Seating

           July 27th
           Aug. 3rd
           Sept. 28th
Reservations are required!

The Ultimate Mystery Dinner


$500for 20 people (plus tax and gratuity)
These are Hard  to Solve and Exclusive!

If you love our mystery dinners, grab 19 others and try and solve crimes of the century.  These 20 character mysteries are played in our special Mystery Room.   Five course meal, scripts and all the fun of trying to be the investigators.  Everyone has one part and you play as a group.

Days and Times are limited in THE Mystery Room

Call for availability and shhhhhh topics!

Heirloom Dinners


$48per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Includes a glass of sweet wine or ale of the period.

Eat like our ancestors and hear a live program talking about the times.

Come dressed or come to enjoy.

Jamestown and the Pilgrims - Commentary by original settlers
      Corn Chowder
      Dandelion Salad
      Asparagus and Eggs
      Roasted Chicken with Root Veggies
      Potato Puffs
      Cherry Cobbler

Civil War - Abraham Lincoln
      Carrot Soup
      Kale and Beet Salad
      Squash Souffle
      Garden Pepper Chicken
      Sweet Potatoes
       Apple Delight

Call for availability.

Create Your Own Tea


$48per person (plus tax and gratuity)
Want to become a Tea Inventor?

Join us at The Propylaeum for a Dinner Tea of Hearty Items, Scones and Treats and then have the opportunity to create your own Tea.  Nelson’s Teas will lay out ingredients and you can brew and taste all you like.  You will then create two custom teas with your own label.

Fun, Yummy and Informative.  You come out with your own creation.

  • July 10th
  • July 31st
  • August 14th
Reservations are required!

"Where you are a guest at your own party!"